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areFish 06-16-13 04:48 PM

Bontrager Node Questions
I picked up a Bontrager Node 1.1 and a Bontrager Speedtrap yesterday. How do I zero out the data mid ride? Say I ride solo to a group ride and want to start with all counters at zero once the group ride starts. I can't find the reset or start over function. Also, is there a way to retrieve the data later from the first ride once the data has been reset?

One more…the Speedtrap sensor did not come with a spoke mounted magnet. My LBS threw in a Cateye spoke magnet, but I was curious if Bontrager normally includes the magnet with the sensor?

areFish 06-16-13 08:35 PM

I found what I needed. The on-line manual. The device only had a quick start guide included. I'm still curious about the spoke magnet if anyone is in the know on that.

njkayaker 06-17-13 04:26 AM

If you are talking about the sensor that can attach to any bike, the magnet comes with it.

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