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CanadianBiker32 06-20-13 06:51 PM

Garmin 500 Edge Situation
Just recently purchase the Edge 500 Garmin. Good device
Just recently purchase the Edge 500 Garmin. Good device I just updated the software on my MAc Computer to the new updated version of the Firmware After i updated it said to turn on device . So i did and Garmin device side software updating then device went off. Now I can not turn on the Garmin at all. I push all the buttons and no response. What happened? I just started using the device yesterday. thanks

So now i did the hard reset of holding all 4 buttons down. I was able to get device to work again and upload my data to my computer. However when i detach device the Software update comes on again. and it still shuts off. after the update.

What do i need to do? thanks

cafzali 06-20-13 08:33 PM

Are you sure the battery has a good charge? Updating the firmware of a Garmin or similar device when the battery is low can cause it to get "bricked" requiring a factory refurb. Leave it plugged into computer for a while, or an outlet if you have a compatible charger and see if you can update it once the charge has completed.

Looigi 06-21-13 07:09 AM

A good place to try for info and help is the official Garmin 500 user's forum:

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