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bagel007 07-05-13 04:27 PM

Which bike ride tracking app for iPod touch 5?

which bike ride tracking free app for iPod touch 5 (NOT iPhone) would you recommend?

I heard about two apps:
1. Map My Ride
2. Sport Tracker

redbuda 07-05-13 09:57 PM

For android I'm happy with with Strava. Check if the Mapple version.

koolerb 07-05-13 10:02 PM

I use Strava and I like it, but I have a lot of friends that use Map My Ride and it sounds just as good.

GaryPitts 07-06-13 08:41 AM

Runkeeper here.

zebede 07-07-13 05:27 AM

I think any IPhone bike app will run but since the pod lacks a GPS receiver you would need an alternate source of location information.. You can carry a MIFI with you...I tested this with the 4th gen and google maps and it worked...BTW I am using Google My only for now sorry.

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