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moeburn 07-06-13 03:35 PM

Suggest a biking app for Android (please)?
Hey, so I've got my shiny new DIY cell phone holder on my bike, and I need a good biking app to go with it. So far I've been using OruxMaps, because it is so jam packed with features. But the maps it uses are very low-contrast, and hard to see in full daylight. It does have a nice trip computer though, where you can arrange 12 different values (speed, altitude, distance, climb rate, slope %, etc...) in moveable white squares with black text, nice high contrast and easy to see, but only 2 of the squares are big, the other 10 are too small to really see.

So if anyone can suggest a nice high-contrast map to use (doesn't have to be an app, any openstreetmap or other online map can be loaded into OruxMaps), or any good Biking app/trip computer app, I'd love to try them out to see how they compare!

Athens80 07-06-13 03:58 PM

Do you have any leads from the other four Android app threads on page one of this forum?:D

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