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TromboneAl 07-21-13 10:16 AM

Edge 205 and 305 Stops Recording
When my wife uses her Edge 205 (or my Edge 305) it often stops recording in the middle of the ride. I don't mean that it turns off, I mean that the time is stopped until she notices and turns it back on.

This usually happens when she gets off the bike, and I figure that she's touching the Start/Stop button by mistake.

Has anyone seen this?

johnny99 07-21-13 11:52 AM

The stop button is right on the front of the device. I have seen people accidentally hit it when the lean over their handlebars.

Cyclelogikal 07-21-13 12:40 PM

Weird for sure especially if she is conscience to the fact she is not accidently hitting the "stop" button. Maybe a software glitch problem that with a reboot or reinstall of the latest software patch could cure?????

TromboneAl 07-26-13 06:55 PM

It happened again today. Since it's happened when she's used my 305 as well as her 205, I think Johnny is right that she's tapping that button without knowing it. It only takes a light touch.

I think this even happened to me once when I put my gloves on the Garmin.

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