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Lars Halstrom 07-21-13 04:24 PM

NiteRider 650 Charging Options?
My new 2013 NiteRider Lumina 650 comes with a USB charging cord. I don't plan on taking my laptop on extended rides, so I was wondering if there is another option to charge my batteries like a cell phone charger does?


Secret Squirrel 07-21-13 04:33 PM

If it uses USB, then you can use any USB charger (500 ma, 5 volt ). I use my apple charger for my USB tail light, cat eye computer, cat eye front light etc.

Lars Halstrom 07-21-13 05:07 PM

My Apple charger is magnetically attached. I was thinking that USB chargers are designed only for the equipment they charge by plug design.


Secret Squirrel 07-21-13 10:23 PM

I think that I spoke too generally regarding the Apple charger. My apple charger is built to support my iPod touch. It includes a USB port that has a USB cable which connects to my iPod touch. USB has a standard pin out with data transmitted through 2 pins and the other 2 pins supply power. A USB port or USB wall adapter will typically put out 500 ma at 5 volts. The pins that supply the voltage don't care if you are charging lights, running a fan, or charging a phone. The USB peripheral will draw the current it requires at the rated 5 volts. The concern would be if the item being charged exceeds the maximum current supply of the USB port or charger.

Lars Halstrom 07-21-13 10:45 PM

Thanks. I found this adapter Do you think it will work just fine? I can use the NiteRider power cord and plug it into this.


boog 07-22-13 12:10 AM

That will work just fine with your USB cable from Nightrider :)

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