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Y2HBK 07-23-13 10:42 AM

Should I step up to the Edge 500? Navi2Coach?
Hey everyone. I recently purchased the Edge 200. For what it does, it seems like a great device. As Ive used it for the past few rides Ive wondered more and more about Cadence/Speed sensors and a HRM.

As a casual rider, I have been taking 10-15mi rides. What I am mostly interested in is the amount of calories burned per trip. I know a lot of different variables come into play with that, and I have read the DCRainmaker articles about it.

When I uploaded my 11mi trip last night it estimated that I burned roughly 490 calories. If these readings are generally off by say +/- 30 calories, not a big deal. But if its estimating that I am burning nearly 500 calories when I am closer to 300 its a big deal to me. I tend to take routes where I am constantly in need of pedaling, little to no coasting and in more difficult to ride gears.

Is it worth it to look into stepping up to something else? The Edge 500 would be around $300 (with HRM/sensors) after rebates; the Navi2Coach would be a bit more if I purchased Garmin accessories separately. Again, overall, I am happy with what the Edge 200 does for me, but would rather step up if I will notice some pretty drastic differences in readings. I do not need the touchscreen/color of the Edge 510, but also don't want to grab the Edge 500 if its on its last leg in terms of support/lifecycle. Thoughts?

ray.garza 07-24-13 01:24 PM

Just wondering, do you have an iPhone? You can monitor all the sensors with your iPhone and a ANT+ dongle (provided you have ANT+ sensors) or via Bluetooth if you have the appropriate sensors. Plenty of good applications out there for cycling, cyclemeter, strava, mapmyride come to mind.

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