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LiteraryChic 09-26-13 11:32 PM

Monkey Light 210 Question
I LOVE MY MONKEY LIGHT MINIS - M210S! However, I had my local bike shop put them on for me (they charged me $30 ... eek ... perhaps I should've just done it myself ... LOL). I do not think that they used the anti-theft straps on either wheel. I would like to know how theft proof my monkeys will be without the theft straps? I do not want to have to re-do them (if I have to I will do it this time), but would you guys recommend replacing all of the plastic ties with the stainless ones?

Also, just ordered my Reelight 770's ... YAY! Any suggestions on working to "theft" proof those? I know that nothing is truly theft proof, but I just like to be cautious. An ounce of prevention.

Thank You!

p.s. Yes, I know that my LBS somewhat ripped me off on the installation price and I know that I could've done it myself, but I had them do it because I wanted to be sure they were correct and that I didn't mess them up (which I have a tendency to do sometimes!).

no1mad 09-27-13 12:09 AM

Here's the link to the M210s (if anyone cares)-

Umm, installing a remote battery pack at the hub (inside the spokes) and snaking a wire up to the unit... and using zip ties... yeah, I ain't doing it.

Zip ties fail pretty often when exposed to the elements (at least from my own experience) and that mounting system is just a disaster waiting to happen, IMO. As to security- after watching the install video... that steel band "anti theft device" is really pliable- anyone with tin snips would have no difficulty with the zip ties and the steel band will only slow them down a little. And that is for stealing it- a vandal would simply cut that wire and then you'd have to get a whole new unit (unless you got mad soldering skills).

no1mad 09-27-13 12:31 AM

Just took a look at that Reelight... one thing that might be an issue will be mounting the magnets on the rear wheel- you may have difficulty keeping the wheel balanced. They appear to be designed to be equidistant apart, but the M210 may interfere with that.

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