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christo930 10-08-13 01:56 PM

Help identify this system
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I was in my downtown area when I saw a bicycle with a lighting system/computer I've never seen before. There are 6 magnets attached to the spokes and a black box that attached to the seat stay in line with the 6 magnets. The box looked like it was large enough to house batteries, but I don't see the reason to have 3 sets of 2 magnets on the wheel for a simple reed switch. OTOH, it doesn't make a lot of sense to have such a small stator. Since I didn't happen to have a magnet on my, I couldn't figure out the polarity of the magnets. It's possible that they are being used to spin a magnet inside the black box as well as triggering a reed switch to give information to the computer. I took several pictures, but there was no model number or make on it. I also left the person a note to email me, but they never did. Can anyone identify this setup?

They didn't have the bike properly locked so I was able to spin the wheel and as soon as I spun the wheel, the rear light came on (I couldn't see the front light because I was at the back of the bike). This black box is powering the front and rear L.E.D. lights and a computer (which the person took with them, that would have been the easiest way to identify the system). I don't see the need for 6 magnets if it isn't a generator, but I can't see this as a very efficient generator. It looked big enough to hold 3 AAA cells, so it could be just using the magnets to turn on the lights automatically, but that could be done with a single magnet. The pic was over 2 meg, so I had to save it as a gif to upload it, which of course makes it 256 colors. The box has a weird spinning emblem on it, but no name brand or other identifying information on it.

Anyone know what this system is?

noglider 10-08-13 09:28 PM

I'd love to know.

GeneO 10-08-13 11:13 PM

christo930 10-09-13 09:11 AM


Originally Posted by GeneO (Post 16145044)

That is definitely it, same weird pattern on the black box. I don't why they don't have 3 boxes, one for the chain stay, one for the seat stay and one that juts out from the axle. It would only slightly increase resistance but would (with 3 proper coils) generate a lot of voltage which could be stepped down and give 3x the power. 1 watt split between front and rear lights is great for visibility but wouldn't give much in terms of seeing the road.

Thank you, much obliged.


This is the same system, but the person who had it had an optional computer. I traced the wire from the computer mount to the generator box. I guess they have it with a computer option.

noglider 10-09-13 01:05 PM

That's brilliant. The price looks great, too, considering it includes the two lights.

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