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sknhgy 10-24-13 12:07 PM

What to do with my Dinotte?
I got one of the older 200L lights that runs off 4 AA's. Nowadays you can get a 250 lumen flashlight at the hardware store for $40.

Dinotte said they could convert it to a red taillight for about 50 bucks.

Maybe put it on my helmet?

Oh yea. I wanted to ask. Is there a replacement battery PACK that can replace the 4 AA's that are a pita to remove from the holder, and put in the charger, then return to the holder, then re-attach the holder................................You get the idea.


ItsJustMe 10-24-13 01:04 PM

Back when I had that same Dinotte, I emailed them about me possibly using a different battery pack, and they wrote back in no uncertain terms that if I used anything but the pack they shipped it with, I would undoubtedly destroy the light and they wouldn't fix it. This despite me saying that I'd be perfectly OK with using a voltage AND current regulator (even though the light certainly already has a current regulator built in).

My choice of what to do with my AA 200L was ebay. If you can get an equivalent light for $25 now (IMO, you can. If you put a AA 200L and a $25 "1600 lumen" light on the table and said pick one, I'd grab the ebay light every time) then the 200L is worth $25, doesn't matter if you spent $150 on it. Hopefully you got your use out of it.

Athens80 10-24-13 08:16 PM

How do you like it as a front blinkie? The optics and build quality are just as good now as they ever were.

ItsJustMe 10-25-13 05:36 AM

As a front blinkie it would be fine, if by that you mean a strobe to go along with a steady front. Or converting it to red for the back would be fine too. I don't know that I'd pay Dinotte $50 to convert it - for that money I could get a Serfas Shield, a Knog Blinder 4V or others that I think would be about as effective and a lot more convenient than a light with a split battery pack, and perhaps have money left over.

Richard Cranium 10-25-13 07:08 AM

I'm using a 200AA as a helmet light and daytime blinky. I've got a number of battery packs - including a six cell AA pack that has not "blown it up" yet...... (use only NiMh) ....

mrbubbles 10-25-13 08:09 AM

I'd buy something new from or, AA batteries are pita. The older 200 are using older inefficient leds compared to what's out there today for $40.

tarwheel 10-28-13 09:37 AM

When I have parts I no longer use or would rather replace with something newer/better, I put them up for sale on eBay. I am usually surprised by how much people will pay for used parts on eBay. Regarding lights, I sold an old Cygolite NiCad light w/battery, a Light & Motion Stella 300 and a Magicshine light and battery on eBay for much more than I expected -- and used the money to buy an updated more powerful lighting system.

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