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ducati hyp 11-10-13 11:43 AM

Garmin - seeing the next climb
Hi, I'm in the market for a Garmin 800 or 810 edge . I'm trying to figure out all the advantages and disadvantages .. I would really like the feature to be able to see when the next climb is coming up on a route that has been uploaded. My 705 just shows where you are at, (elevation) not what's coming up.. I hate taking my turn pulling a group and get my HR up just as a major climb is right around the corner and sometimes get dropped.
Does the 800 or 810 have this feature ???
I thought I heard a guy (this past summer) say one of them do if you use a certain map type ??ctx etc,???

Athens80 11-10-13 02:29 PM

The Garmin 500 can accept tcx files as a course and then display a simple profile map as you ride, as one of the four course screens. You just transfer the tcx file into the device's "NewFiles" folder.

I suspect other, newer Garmin models have at least that functionality.

JimF22003 11-11-13 05:10 AM

On my 800, the profile page just shows the profile of the road up to the point you are. It doesn't show the profile of the road you haven't ridden on yet.

Looigi 11-11-13 07:24 AM

I believe if you're doing a Course (Course as defined in the Garmin manual) then the upcoming profile can be displayed on the 500. See page 14 of the manual, which is available on the Garmin website. I say "can" because I seem to remember that it depends where the Course file was created, from a previous ride, on GC, or on some third-party website. If I recall correctly, it was GC that didn't provide elevation.

For questions like these, it can be helpful go to the official Garmin Users' forums:

TrojanHorse 11-11-13 06:48 PM

If you are riding on a course you have dumped on to your Garmin (I know the 800 and 500 both do this) it will indeed show you the elevation profile that you have done and what you have coming up. it's one of the screens that get added when you're riding a course.

I haven't tried using my 800 to straight up navigate, so I don't know if THAT would also show you the elevation profile.

CommuteCommando 11-11-13 07:03 PM

I did not know about the profile function using courses on the 500. The few times I've done courses was just for an audible notice of wrong turn, and to set a time to beat. If I don't already know my route, I try to study it with RWGPS, and Syreet view. I'm paranoid about crashing if I spend too much time focusing on the Garmin.

TrojanHorse 11-11-13 07:12 PM

Yep. You can also look at a sort of over view of your upcoming path, which is pretty handy for a non turn-by-turn unit like the 500. It's particularly handy if you get off course and need to navigate back to your track.

The 800 has a custom field you can put on the front screen called "distance to next" (turn) which is really handy to make sure you don't go blowing through a waypoint. I don't recall if the 500 has that but it's one of my favorite things to put on the main screen when I'm following a course.

deadhead1971 12-28-13 03:22 AM


I've written up a guide to doing this - please check it out and I hope it's helpful to the OP :-)

I use this method when I'm doing a sportive say, in an area I'm not familiar with. Very helpful to be aware of what's coming up.

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