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asmac 11-22-13 08:25 PM

Portable CPAP
I suppose this will only interest a microscopic subset of forum members but, if you want to tour and require a cpap machine for sleep apnea it will be of interest.

In the past I've been restricted to campsites with electricity which was expensive and quite constraining so am happy to have acquired (thank you insurance company!) a battery powered cpap machine. It's quite small, about one pound, and the larger available battery is said to last three nights. They have a solar recharge system if that interests you.

If you happen to be a cpap-using bicycle tourist check it out:

ChrisO 11-24-13 08:28 PM

Thank you.

Mongoeric 01-07-14 10:11 PM

How did you get the insurance company to pay? I already have a machine and my insurance won't pay for another in less than 5 years.

fietsbob 01-08-14 12:33 AM

Canada is on a non Profit Health care scheme ,( in case you forgot)

asmac 01-13-14 07:05 AM

That's overstating it, Fietsbob. To the extent it's true, it's only true of hospitals and our primary insurance plans. It's not true of other services, drugs, devices, etc. And don't worry, doctors and administrators seem to do pretty well even if it's not called 'profit.'

asmac 01-13-14 07:09 AM

I told my sleep doctor that I needed something portable and she provided me with a letter requesting my insurance company to help me out. I submitted it and got approval.

Normally I am also on a 5 year renewal. Part of it is funded by a govt plan and the balance paid by my private insurance.

This particular device (the Transcend) does not qualify for govt funding because it does not (as yet) have an available humidifier. Therefore it was 100% paid by my private plan.

JohnJ80 01-13-14 02:31 PM

This is wa-a-a-a-y smaller.


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