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dwmckee 11-23-13 09:17 PM

Anyone near Pittsburgh with a good hub dynamo want to test compare?
Hello. I just purchased a new Velogical rim dynamo from Germany that claims to be on par with the efficiency of a good hub unit. When I get this set up I want to run a test comparison to a Sun or other good quality hub dynamo. I do not want to have to purchase a separate hub dynamo though to do a side by side comparison so I was hoping to find someone in the area that would be willing to spend a few hours to make a scientific comparison. If you live near Pittsburgh, PA and have a hub dynamo built into a 700C wheel and are interested in comparing, please Message me through the forum. A picture of teh Rim Dynamo I purchased is below if you are interested.




Hibonite 12-06-13 01:07 PM

I've been very curious about this dynamo since hearing about it. Please fill us in on the results when you get a chance to compare.

dwmckee 12-06-13 10:46 PM

Sure. I have it all hooked up now (at least temporarily) but too much snow and salt on the road now for my likes to be riding. I have spun it up and the combination is very bright but I cannot yet compare it to a hub unit. The dynamo is impressively small and light albeit a bit fickle to get set up; it is about the diameter of a film canister but not as tall. Once set though it seems pretty solid. It is definitely audible with a low whine when running, but that is spinning the wheel on a stand in a quiet basement; I suspect it will be much less audible when riding. I will get some instrumentation on it after Christmas and will be able to run some performance charts for it. I have the trekking model which should reach full power at about 8 kph. I am using it with an Edelux II and I can tell you that it is an excellent headlight and possibly better than the Luxos U... It has very little spill light so seemingly 90% or more of the LED is focused just where you need it.

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