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DoctorTattoo 11-24-13 09:26 PM

defective edelux?
Hi All,
So I have a SONdelux dynamo hub and an Edelux headlight. Occasionally and only occasionally does my edelux stand light actually work. I mean stay on when stopped at a traffic light when stopped. I'm wondering if I have a bad capacitor or whatever holds the power when you stop. Does anyone happen to have the email address direct to Schmidt? I bought my hub and light in Germany but am currently in the US.

Side note, any idea on release date for the Edelux II?


PaulRivers 11-25-13 11:21 AM

On both those questions, you could call Peter White's business here in the US and ask. Your standlight should definitely be working all the time, and if it's not it's defective.

unterhausen 11-25-13 02:10 PM

edelux II is out.

fietsbob 11-25-13 02:27 PM

for the lazy & search impaired :

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