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SmallFront 12-03-13 08:40 PM

Brunton solar panel to charge a Brunton Impel 2 (or their Sustain)?
`Hi, I thought I might be better off posting this in the touring section, but I wonder if any of you have any experience with the Brunton 26w solar panel. I know it is propably bigger than most people can carry opened while opened up, but I'm thinking I can tie it down across the cargo bay on my bike (it's a long john), and hence I won't have the size restriction of a pannier or the like.

Is it any good, even in that rather large size?

I am not interested in a hub dynamo for several reasons. The first is that I use my bike on a daily basis and I don't want the bike itself to be high tech/electrical, the second is that I can't charge a higher voltage battery with a dynamo, and the third and final is that I want a higher voltage battery like the Brunton Impel 2 or their Sustain, because I want to be able to power a laptop and so on from it. And as such, I could even rig a system to charge my laptop directly, if need be.

The usage will at first be in Europe, to be used from late spring, early autumn, and perhaps ,later on, for some trips elsewhere in the world (I'm thinking Marocco, Tunesia, and such.

I realise that I could probably do without the solar panel and just charge the battery when I find somewhere with a plug, but I like to not have to care (much) about that, so I'm considering options before I open my wallet (both the battery and the solar panel are expensive (to me, at least), and it is not something I will buy tomorrow, but it would be nice to know what you guys think of the proposition.

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