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robmcl 12-05-13 07:53 PM

Need a replacement 8.4 V 6400 mAh batery and charger recommendation
I was using this Cree light setup:

and got 5 commutes out of it. I am not sure what happened but during recharging after the 5th commute both the charger and the battery died. I like light and would like to replace both the battery and the 8.4 V 6400 mAh lithium battery pack. I am soliciting recommendations for this. So far this is what I have found.

For the battery apparently this fits the plug on the light well.

This is what I found for a charger.

Any other thoughts?

zacster 12-06-13 02:34 AM

Either one or the other died, or you have a bad connection somewhere. If you have a multimeter, which I assume you don't based on the questions, you could trace where the point of failure is and then maybe fix it yourself.

ItsJustMe 12-06-13 07:57 AM

I bet just the protection circuit on the battery died or there's a bad connection. This would make it unable to deliver power or take a charge.

I'd peel that battery pack open and check for bad connections, it's likely the only thing wrong is a loose wire that needs to be resoldered.

All that said, the battery and charger should be fine though you can never tell if the connectors will fit correctly.

I bet the charger is fine too. You could try just replacing the battery first, if you're not in a hurry to get it going again.

robmcl 12-06-13 07:46 PM

Well you guys got my hopes up but I peeled pack the shrink wrap and I did not see any sign of a loose connection.

zacster 12-06-13 09:53 PM

It could be anywhere. Are there springs that contact the battery? Is there a lead from the battery to the light? Does the charger put out juice? All things to check, and then some.

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