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PatrickJames 12-07-13 02:26 PM

Dynamo on rear wheel?
Hi, all. I'm sorry if this has already been asked but is it possible to have a dynamo hub put onto my rear wheel? I'd like to do this so that even when I'm not going anywhere I can ostensibly use my bike a generator. Can't hurt to have it as an option... if it's an option. Any ideas?

DiegoFrogs 12-07-13 03:38 PM

I think your only real option is a sidewall generator or a bottom bracket generator. I can't imagine how this 3 watts or so would be useful on the trainer in the basement, though.

A10K 12-07-13 05:14 PM

If you're going to want to generate stationary power, drive a generator directly from the trainer.
Here's instructions on re-purposing a washing machine motor for the task:
You'll get much greater energy returns out of it than a BB/Roller Dynamo.

Looigi 12-08-13 09:31 AM

Only ostensibly use it?

fietsbob 12-09-13 09:45 AM

Shimano had a combination Dyno-hub cassette, But I have no idea where you get them,

I imagined the primary application, Tadpole Recumbent trikes ,

Add: its the FH C 811 in Nexave series

so perhaps Greenspeed in Australia* has a clue.

*They manufacture that style of recumbents..

PatrickJames 12-10-13 02:02 PM

I don't want to produce power in my basement and yes only ostensibly use it as a stationary generator as I don't know that I'll ever need to use it while stationary. I'm turning my fargo into a self contained survival vehicle and the ability, IF I ever need it, charge my phone/laptop/whatever without leaving camp would be nice. Thanks Fietsbob, I'll look into you leads.

Phoenix 6.0 12-10-13 03:01 PM

I almost got in on the kickstarter campaign for this, but funds were too tight at the time. It is not quite out yet, I believe april is the eta on shipping.

tcs 12-10-13 04:45 PM

Well, there's the add-on SunUp Eco unit. Google for more info.

There's also the vintage Sturmey-Archer gear hub dynamos, but I doubt that's quite the thing you had in mind.

fietsbob 12-10-13 05:21 PM

Here It is : Shimano Nexave FH C 811

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