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iceracer 12-23-13 03:50 PM

Moving GSC-10 gear to new bike
I just got a new bike and I was wondering if anybody had tips on moving my garmin speed/cadence sensor to it. Besides the zip-ties, does anybody recommend certain adhesives to replace the ones I used on the first bike? Especially for the piece that goes on the crank arm.


edit* I should add that it's a carbon frame.

hammond9705 12-23-13 08:21 PM

When I moved mine I replaced the magnet that garmin provided with this rare earth model

You stick it to the end of the shaft of the pedal on the inside of the crank arm. Works great and don't need to glue or zip tie it

iceracer 12-24-13 08:50 AM

That's interesting... just put on a strong enough magnet and it'll work. I might try that out with some I have around here.

Looigi 12-24-13 09:43 AM

I use 3x12mm rare earth magnets (eBay, Amazon, craft stores, etc.) for cadence, but of course it won't be attracted to titanium pedal spindles like I have of some of my bikes. For those I place it on the end of the spindle which is slightly recessed in the crank arm and hold it in place with a piece of electrical or gorilla tape. For those where it does stick to the spindle, I put a piece of electrical tape down first, which makes it much simpler to remove when removing the pedals for transport or shipping.

Also, it's straightforward to stick it inside of the crank arm with some strong all-weather double stick tape or some rtv silicone adhesive if that's a more appropriate setup for your situation.

Bezalel 12-24-13 11:49 PM

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I use a Bontrager magnet. I was once considuring drilling and tapping my crank for a spoke magnet but never got around to it.

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