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WalksOn2Wheels 12-27-13 12:05 AM

B&M senso question regarding taillights wired to headlights
Right, so I've searched and searched, but have not been able to determine:

With a B&M headlight in the senso mode, does the tail light generally work all the time, or only when the senso mode is switched to night?

Hopefully that makes sense. Seems like a simple question, but I can't find a thing online about it. Looking for an answer before I pull the trigger on a light set.

mklos1 12-27-13 07:14 AM

I have B&M IQ2. Rear light is on regardless mode (day/night).

WalksOn2Wheels 12-27-13 09:29 AM

Thank you, I appreciate the info very much.

pdlamb 12-27-13 11:20 AM

My Edelux apparently switches the tail light off with the headlight. Of course, in these wintry days with low sun, the tail light with standlight is on most of the time from forays through shady parts of my ride.

fietsbob 12-27-13 03:36 PM

If the light is on the taillight will be too ,Shimano-Brompton, senso Eyc T & line tech rear light .
taillight comes on with slightest wheel motion.. headlight, pulses until reaching a bit more speed .

the Toplight senso 4D battery light in daylight, in the senso mode will come on in a dark tunnel,
and has a safety flashing mode, then shuts off again when you are back in the daylight again.

WalksOn2Wheels 12-27-13 06:52 PM

The reason I asked is because I was looking at the new Cyo Premium, but Peter White's website said they were only stocking the T model with the daytime running lights. For whatever reason, everything I've seen indicates this model only comes with an off/senso switch, which is why I wanted to make sure about the tallight functionality.

When I called earlier today to place my order, the helpful woman I placed my order with informed me that they may have more orders than lights for the T model and that they had plenty of the premium models without the daytime running lights (his website currently said he didn't plan on stocking it because it was only marginally cheaper, but they ended up ordering some anyway, I guess). I expressed my concern about the senso only option, so she pulled one from the shelf to double check and the Cyo Premium without the daytime running lights apparent has an off/on/senso three position switch.

So yeah, how many versions of a single light can one company make? B&M marches forward to find the answer. This is my first dynamo lighting setup. I'll be ordering a hub/spoke/wheel combo this weekend to build the front wheel.

I'll drop back in here when my order gets here next week to confirm with some pictures what exactly the Cyo Premium non-T model comes equipped with. I can't even find any real info on B&M's website.

mrbubbles 12-27-13 06:59 PM

B&M typically makes about 3 versions of the same dynamo headlight, "plus" version, "n plus" version, and "senso T plus" version (standard/on-off switch/senso-off switch daytime light). Daytime light is useless, just leave the light on during the day instead.

Also, boycott and order from or instead. Better prices.

WalksOn2Wheels 12-27-13 07:23 PM

So, boycott the guy who went through all the trouble to provide as much information as possible on his website including pictures of headlight beams, etc. And the nice lady who went through all the trouble of making sure I got what I wanted and took the time to double check things for me? All to save maybe 10 bucks? Did they run over your dog or something?

WalksOn2Wheels 12-27-13 07:30 PM

Ok, so I went to to check it out. So yeah, 30 bucks savings plus overseas shipping (most likely longer ship time, but not necessarily) plus SOL if there is an issue and I need to send it back/verify a possible warranty issue. I work for a shop in Dallas, so I get pretty much everything else for stupid cheap anyways. And this is Christmas money. Just trying to stimulate the economy this time around, and support another brick and mortar institution who has to compete with online shops making minimal margin at large quantity at the expense of customer service.

unterhausen 12-27-13 08:54 PM

that's the way I look at it too. The savings aren't worth the loss in convenience of customer service to me. Plus, I can buy them through my LBS.

mrbubbles 12-27-13 11:01 PM

I'm guessing I'm on a different planet. You're just buying a light, other than needing it immediately, how much "customer service" do you really need? Also, I'm willing to bet that does a lot more business online and over the phone as opposed to face2face at his shop, that business is very much an online shop with a brick and mortar presence much like most online shops in Western Europe with local pickup.

emor 12-30-13 02:26 PM


Originally Posted by WalksOn2Wheels (Post 16362677)
the Cyo Premium without the daytime running lights apparent has an off/on/senso three position switch.

The daytime running Cyo Premium does have a three position switch, but the positions are "off," "senso," and "daytime running only." There is no way to force the light to run in night mode during the day.

fietsbob 12-30-13 04:20 PM

the German web page :

You are free to import them from a German Exporting Retailer , your self .

if the US distributor has not chosen to stock the whole range , in North America.

others mentioned this company, NB: a page of B&M headlights ..,en.php

noglider 12-31-13 03:26 PM

I've bought from (in France) a few times, and it went very well. The prices are quite good, even with shipping, and as fietsbob, they have quite a few models available. There are so many that it took me a long time to decide what to get.

With a dynamo hub that creates so little drag, I just leave my headlight and tail light on whenever I ride, dark or bright.

WalksOn2Wheels 01-04-14 12:41 AM

Ok, so I lied and was too lazy to take pictures. At any rate, the Cyo Premium (non daytime running lights version) does indeed have a 3-position switch. 0 - S - 1 for off, senso and full on. Someone else mentioned that the Cyo Premium with running lights should also have a 3 position switch, but with 0 - S - T where T is the daytime running lights position. Peter mentioned that the Premium T had a 2-position switch, but he also mentioned that he was riding with a prototype. Could be that they changed the final version?

Either way, new question: I bought the Secula rear light for seatpost/stay mounting. 1) the mount kind of sucks. They give you a massive zip tie that is too big to really cinch down on a small seatstay. I don't think it would work any easier on a seatpost either. I wasn't at work where I could grab a "three hand tool" to try and tighten it down. I ended up having to cut it off, wrap the section of stay with a layer of electrical tape and then use a smaller zip tie. I'll probably just replace the mount with a bolt on style seatstay mount from a trashed reflector at work. Oh yeah, I had a question...

So I can't seem to determine whether or not the Secula tail light has a positive/negative terminal. One of the terminals seems to have been ever so slight dabbed with a bit of paint. I'm guessing maybe that's the ground? But I can't see any other markings at all. Is my light going to crap out if it gets reverse polarity? I made sure the connection at the headlight was done properly. My hub won't be in until sometime next week anyway, but I'd like to get it all buttoned down in the meantime.

WalksOn2Wheels 01-04-14 10:17 PM

Update: I was at the shop tonight, so I finished off the wiring and figured out a good mount for the rear light. I also snagged a dynamo wheel off of a floor bike with a 26 inch rim, took the tire off and wired the wheel up in my frame just to see if I had everything setup properly. Either I was right about the dab of paint on the Secula male lugs, or it doesn't matter. The rear light worked beautifully and the front was great, but it was hard to tell because I was inside with all the shop lights on and the light wasn't aimed perfectly.

I should get the rim and hub in sometime this week and lace it up sometime Saturday evening. Very excited about the new setup.

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