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WalksOn2Wheels 12-29-13 09:29 PM

Best option for a weatherproof "open" dynamo connection?
So I'm wanting to set up my dynamo hub with lights and an additional plug to setup a usb charger for touring/camping/etc. Basically, outside of the very expensive "the plug" by Supernova, I can't find a system hidden or sleek enough for my tastes to leave on year round.

I'd like to go ahead and maybe run a second wire on the inside of the fork and leave an open connector to plug into when I want to use the charger. But I'm worried about that open connector getting wet and causing issues. Any favorite connectors people are using? Options to plug up an automotive style connector? Anything? My google fu isn't working well this time around.

fietsbob 12-30-13 12:28 PM

Luxos headlight has all the conversion electronics in it, the cable up to the bars will be convenient +
it is a light mode switch as well as the USB plug-in

zebede 12-30-13 06:42 PM

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I use this system: ($30)

Note: I bought an older version of this unit that came with DC style plug, I cut off the plug and soldered on a standard USB female. (heat shrink tube on connector) The output is 0.5 amps.

With the appropriate patch cord (micro USB now included in kit!) I can charge a 4x18560 battery pack (7$) or my smart phone.

My weather protection is minimal, It hangs behind a handlebar bag with an dummy USB plugged into it. I think I could put a slice of inner tube around it to keep it dry but have not done so yet.

The female USB was around $1 from fleabay. The bioloigic recharge was $25 at the time.

I run it parallel with my light. The positives are twisted togehter and the negatives twisted together and then plugged into dynamo hub. When light is on they share the output. When the light is off Biologic unit receives all power.

This is on my daily, all weather commuter bike, and I have not really used it that much. Mostly done for an anticipated tour.

If funds were available, I would have liked to try this unit.

rather than hack my own. It does not put out any more power but has its own off/on switch and a rubber boot for the connector.

WalksOn2Wheels 12-30-13 09:20 PM

I guess I really wasn't clear. I don't want anything on my handlebars, at all. Part of the joy of going to a dynamo light is mounting it on the fork crown and cleaning up my handlebar. What I'm looking to do is add an open connection inside the fork leg that I can plug a charger into (similar to the unit zebede posted) and then throw that in a small gas tank style bag behind the stem. I also saw a cheapie from China that included an awful cell phone holder that I would give away immediately. It was about 30 bucks, though. I'm a $1.50 part and some wirnig away from a DIY one, though. So I'll probably move forward with that one.

If I could afford it, I'd do the top cap system, but yeah, that's pricey. I saw a DIY one that fit into your handlebar, but I'd end up having to run lots of wiring up and down the handlebar and I'm not sure I'd like that underneath my bar wrap.

I'm thinking maybe some 2-wire weatherproof connector that I can leave a female plug behind the fork and then some epoxy on the back end of a male connector and just pop that in as a place holder. But if anyone has any other ideas, or maybe a suggestion of a good connector, I'd love to hear it.

noglider 12-31-13 03:23 PM

I have these connectors for my dynamo hub wheel. They seem pretty waterproof.

unterhausen 12-31-13 04:58 PM

there are spade lug splitters in various sizes. You could install a spade lug and then use the splitter only when you want to use the charging device. I couldn't find a splitter right off the bat, but I've seen them. you could make one out of 2 male and 1 female

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