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MrCjolsen 01-05-14 06:46 PM

Questions about Ride with GPS/Map My Ride/Strava
I tried a few a while back, and my cheap smartphone bombed out with them. The phone was too slow for Strava and I forget why I didn't use Map My Ride.

Anyway, I got an Iphone 4S for Christmas and just bought an Otterbox case that I can attach to my bike.

So I could use it as a bike computer, right?

I went for a walk using Map My Ride last week. The problem was that the path it showed me going was basically where I went, but it looked like I was drunk when I was walking. I was not drunk. I walked in a perfectly straight line.

Is the speed it gives more or less accurate than a bike computer? Does it somehow correct for the wobbly path and determine how fast and far you actually went?

MeSteve 01-26-14 11:54 AM

I have noticed that it is very dependent on where the phone is, if it's in your pocket, it will look like that, but my last ride I put it in my backpack and it was great.

flagrl 01-27-14 07:32 PM

i use strava i put it in a backpack pocket, side pocket, and im good.
i have used it in my pocket

chaadster 01-27-14 08:09 PM

GPS speed reading is less accurate than properly setup wheel measurement.

Phone GPS receivers are generally rather inaccurate (at least within several feet), and are for any number of reasons, not the least of which is handling reflected signals from large buildings in urban areas.

Strava will smooth GPS files by omitting outlier and bad GPS coordinates, as well as "stuck points" (were no distance is recorded between waypoints).

Roosterbird 01-28-14 09:56 AM

try the Garmin Fit app, then see which one you like the best of all you've mentioned.

blacknbluebikes 01-28-14 03:28 PM

MMR on your iPhone will give you very useful results. It's far from perfect, but the version 5.x level has gotten good enough for most of us, at least if you're not trying to be King of EverydamnMountain in your 'hood. The "wobbly path" issue is mitigated on the bike somewhat because you're moving over longer rolling segments between GPS location samples, not to mention that the apps are just getting more refined with smoothing algo's. The importance of *really accurate* measurement is proportional to the competitive level of your goals; otherwise, after a few hundred rides, you're not that interested in whether it was 47.3 miles or 47.7 miles at an average of 16.2mph or 16.5mph. It's more about "did I do 120 or 150 miles last week?" Since you've got the hardware, you be a freerider on MMR, or maybe you'll pony-up the $2.50 per month for a better user experience (I do). Strava is very popular - probably more popular with cyclists, but with 3700-odd miles logged in MMR, I'll stick with it. Generally exceeds my needs.

MrCjolsen 01-30-14 09:37 PM

Well, I tried MMR, Strava, and Cyclemeter. My favorite has been Cyclemeter. It's about 99% compared to my wired computer. And it might be a tad closer as I switched tire brands (same size) and haven't calibrated the new tires yet.

It shows me going in a straight line with my phone mounted on my bars. This morning, it showed me taking a 100' detour I didn't take at the spot where a truck passed me going the opposite direction. Any idea what causes that?

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