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bajkonyr 01-12-14 08:24 PM

Charging batteries

Trying to figure out if I can charge Ipod nano battery with an external charger. I am making a bike flashing light. I figured it does not require that much power and 3.7v should do. I'm not sure if it's possible to charge this ipod nano battery outside the ipod without damaging the battery.
Here are the components:
Ipod nano battery

Universal charger

Any ideas?

And my 2nd option is this battery and a charger that I own. the charger details: NiMh compatible, AA 2.8 _ 135 mA, AAA 2.8_ 60 mA.
Will it work with that 1.2V NiMh 1800 mAh battery?

Thank you.

lhendrick 01-12-14 10:34 PM

No idea about the charging, but the links are not working for me.

bajkonyr 01-13-14 06:23 AM

Thanks. Fixed it.

Looigi 01-13-14 10:05 AM

Oops. Never mind.

rscamp 01-14-14 05:41 AM

I suggest you get a cheap hobby charger - then you can charge a wide variety of batteries. Most of these run on a 12VDC source...

bajkonyr 01-20-14 06:08 PM


Could you be more specific as to what charger you are talking about? I followed the llink and see there are dozens of them there.
Also could you tell me why my charger would not do?

rscamp 01-20-14 06:41 PM

I don't know what connector you've got on the battery you are trying to charge but if you source it you can make charge leads for any of the chargers there that will do 1s (a single LiPo cell).

Your charger might do, but it doesn't have a settable charge current which means it is most suitable for a limited range of cell capacities. The charge current and charge algorithm are unknown so what is it really doing? A hobby charger can be set to appropriate values for charge current and often termination voltage and some degree of overcharge protection by limiting the capacity of the charge. They also show you what is happening (voltage, capacity, etc.) with a display.

bajkonyr 01-20-14 09:33 PM

Thanks Rob.

bajkonyr 01-20-14 09:36 PM

Will my charger do with this battery

Also, connectors do not matter to me. I can solder any. Could you suggest any specific charger out of those available in the link?

Thanks again.

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