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davidbreak 01-16-14 12:28 AM

what is your cool bicycle device you bought to your bike
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What do you think the coolest accessory is your bike
The lamp? Hat? bicycle seat? Or the others?
these my coolest accessory for my bicycle parking station and bicycle helmet.These are from a onlinestore.It's very cheap price

chvid 01-16-14 05:10 AM

Definitely this little gadget... Awesome sound!

Lex Fati 01-16-14 06:58 AM

The B&M Luxos U headlight with built in USB charging. Requires dynamo.

rifraf 01-16-14 09:01 AM

Not sure what constitutes cool factor.......
My favorite bike device would be my E-werk which is responsible for taking the current from my Son28 dynamo hub and making it power my Edelux headlight and Philips Lumiring tail-light, as well as charging my Edge 800 gps and my mobile phone.
Having been so impressed with its utility, I'm going to purchase a second one with yet another Son28 for a single wheeled Extra-wheel trailer ( with which to carry water and charge my laptop and camera gear.

So far I've bought the second Son28 and just had it built into a wheel which I've to pick up tomorrow.
Still got to buy the Extra-wheel trailer frame, Ortlieb Rear Roller Classics and E-werk.

I've had a two wheeled trailer (Freedom Y-frame) for a couple of years now and as much as I like it, I'm looking forward to the much lighter Extra-wheel and its inherent stability on rough terrain compared to the two wheel trailer.

ItsJustMe 01-16-14 12:59 PM

I try to keep gadgetry away from a few parts of my life. I use a completely manual telescope despite most people wanting GPS enabled computer driven scopes. Similarly, on the bike, I have a simple wired comp and lighting in the winter. I do ride with one or two video cams, but that's more along the line of safety gear, I don't really count them.

I've found that in some things, gadgetry just detracts from the experience.

DowneasTTer 01-16-14 01:18 PM

I bought a LifeBeam smart helmet. Put the $$ down the beginning of last year. They are currently manufacturing the helmets and should be shipping later this month. Can't wait to see if it really works. I have been though SO MANY Garmin and Polar HRM straps in the past few years. With my heart problems I like to know how close I am to my ICD stock threshold.

fietsbob 01-16-14 01:24 PM

Brompton, I had a steel front bag support frame , I got Used .. added 3 more steel tubes

to extend the bottom support out to 9" then got it powdercoated..

and screwed a piece of aluminum .125"x.75" flat bar across the front..

made , not just bought.. though I did buy 3 pieces of tube and 3_6mm threaded bosses ..

no pictures .. & If you dont own a Brompton It does not matter ... N/M .. :innocent:

Electronic,It was a dyno Hub and LED lights..

zacster 01-16-14 07:08 PM

My Magnic Light, but unfortunately I lost it. Next up will be my diy built dynamo wheel and Cyo Premium light to go with it. Wheel is done, the light is in the mail. Maybe this weekend, maybe not.

davidbreak 01-16-14 11:14 PM

I'll be waiting for your masterpiece

01 CAt Man Do 01-19-14 06:52 AM

Not really a cool gadget per say but an app that makes your cool smart phone a cooler device when using with a bike; the "Cue Sheet" app for Android. With this app you get to use your smart phone as a GPS / route planning device. Coupled with one of the free GPS services on-line ( such as "ridewithGPS" ) you get to plan your route on-line and down load and run the route on your phone. You get a written cue sheet and computer "voice" turn for turn navigation. Pro version of the "Cue Sheet" cost just about $4 and is better than the free version. Anyway this is probably the coolest thing I've purchased for my bike in the last 6 months.

zacster 01-19-14 08:09 AM


Originally Posted by zacster (Post 16417332)
My Magnic Light, but unfortunately I lost it. Next up will be my diy built dynamo wheel and Cyo Premium light to go with it. Wheel is done, the light is in the mail. Maybe this weekend, maybe not.

Light came yesterday, and I have it partly installed. I just didn't have time to finish it up. With loose wires and alligator clips though I tested it out with a spin and it works, and appears bright inside the house. I'll do the permanent wiring and fix my brakes. I have canti's on that bike and the cable has to go through the light mount, and I needed to lower the triangle thingy.

Once done, I'll mount my other new toy, my SJ1000 action cam, on my helmet, and go for a ride, alternating between the dynamo light, and my existing battery light to show the difference.

sknhgy 01-19-14 11:11 AM

Nokian Mount and Ground studded tires. Riding around in the dead of winter is definitely cool.

claystevens 01-20-14 08:29 PM

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Well, well, this Pellor wheel light.

01 CAt Man Do 01-25-14 10:10 PM


Originally Posted by claystevens (Post 16427512)

As a user of wheel lights I have some questions; how many units are needed per wheel to get the full effect? If two are used per wheel do they link in some way as others do? If only one is used per wheel I have to ask, do you notice the effects of having your wheels unbalanced?

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