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mrodgers 01-16-14 05:17 PM

Ergon grips bar ends
I do my taxes really quick as soon as both W2s arrive and they are a simple 1040A form with standard deduction. Thus, I need to start my quest looking at the bikes in the next couple of weeks.

Riding my POS Walmart mountain bike for 3 months gave me a lot of alone time pedaling in peaceful bliss with my thoughts and a lot of the thoughts was what I want with my bike. The amount of time I spent holding onto the end of my handlebars without bar ends leads me to believe I definitely want bar ends. Too many people I have read posting how the Ergon grips are fantastic along with the long distance tourer at work telling me how awesome they are tells me that I want to put Ergon grips on my soon to come new hybrid bike.

I was looking at them in a shop last weekend but all they had was grips only or the GP2 I believe. My question is, if you had the GP2 or 3 and decided you'd like the largest end of the GP5, are the ends sold separately? I read on the Ergon FAQ page that you can not put the bar ends on separately to the non-end grips as they are different, but what about if you have bar ends and you just want to change to the different size? Can anyone shed some light on that?

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