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hunterr41 01-23-14 03:34 PM

Mapmyride vs cyclemeter
I have been using mapmyride plus a Sigma 2209. I use Sigma for cadence and HR. I notice that the total time of ride is significantly different between mapmyride and Sigma. For 25 miles there is consistently 60 to 90 sec difference. I am using a Iphone 5 mapmyride app. I think difference is due to pause time. The Sigma must pause faster when I stop for stop lights or rest faster than the mapmyride app. Would cyclemeter be more accurate and can I use cyclemeter with windows 8? They only talk about using with IPAD.

Pug 01-23-14 04:35 PM

I use Cyclemeter and have the same problem. The iPhone GPS seems to "drift" sometimes when you're actually stopped. The next time you stop take a look at your phone and see if the app is registering a really low speed, like 0.5-1.5 m.p.h.

RPK79 01-23-14 04:40 PM

That's why Garmins are nice and let you set a min speed. Eliminates the "drift" when you are stopped.

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