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LiteraryChic 01-28-14 07:18 PM

Food For Thought
I was mulling over this earlier this week. I think I already know the answer, but there may be something that I am not considering, so I'll just post it and see what happens. If you're bicycle does not come with a built-in dynamo, I know that you can add one for a relativey decent amount of cash, but is it possible to "hide" or place the cables in the dowtube etc. of your bike, so that they are not exposed, or is this not possible due to the welding of the framework that has already been done at the assembly plant? If so, how is it possible to do?

Just a thought.

If you've done it, please share your story, tips etc.



lhendrick 01-28-14 08:23 PM

There are forks and frames that provide access holes for wiring. Further, there are now forks and dropouts that conduct current from the dynamo up towards your headset without wires for routing to your lights, etc.

noglider 01-29-14 12:05 PM

In theory, it's possible to drill holes in the frame for wiring. If you want to do this, get advice from someone very knowledgeable, because you don't want to weaken your frame.

Here is a post about wiring your lights fairly discretely.

I didn't take much care to make my wires invisible, and they're not very conspicuous. The wires are very thin. They are certainly not the first thing you notice on my bikes.

DiegoFrogs 01-30-14 08:25 AM

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I wasn't happy with the zip ties I was using on my bike, or the contrast of the black wires on the silver frame, so I bought some aluminum hobby tubing and some mostly-transparent, strong, flexible glue, and carefully bent, cut and glued the tubing on as conduits on the forkleg and downtube.

This picture was taken before I glued on the conduit on the bottom of the downtube. I actually used larger tubing there so that I could fit the connectors through it, but not so large that the wire rattles around. The rest of the path to the taillight is glued and taped to the underside of the rear fender.

The glue became much less hazy and more inconspicuous after a few days, and I was able to trim the excess off with my fingernail and kind of "roll" it off with my fingers. I'll have to take some better pictures. I think each subsequent attempt would look better and maybe be more creative. I'm already thinking of ways to incorporate it as decoration, like exposed spiral ductwork in an industrial loft.

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