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Number400 01-31-14 09:44 PM

$100 Helmet cam w/GPS
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Just for fun, a cheap helmet cam idea.

I was using this in my car but moved to a 2 channel system. It is GPS enabled (Google maps), auto power on/record, looping recording and is very light.

It's not weather proof but I don't plan on using it in foul weather.

Mounted it with zip ties after wrapping some extra bar tape around it. It does have an internal battery but I am not sure how long it lasts so I am powering it from my pocket with a small external battery pack that is tiny that should give me 4-6 hours of record time. I am going to get a 90 degree bend usb cable to streamline it a little.

I did not try to make it pretty and it only takes a few seconds to cut the zip ties to remove/reinstall. I don't have to remove it to retrieve the ride files.

Looks bigger on the helmet in the picture than it really is and I also have a handlebar mount. The little GPS unit can also pop off to make the whole package smaller but I like the maps feature and speed built into the video.

ScuzUK 02-04-14 05:14 PM

Blimey that's huge!

I like my Mobius:

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