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kgoings 02-03-14 08:07 PM

Rear Light alternatives to NiteRider Cherrybomb
I have a NiteRider Cherrybomb and I love how visible and bright it is...but the dang things rattles like there is no tomorrow. It drives me nuts! I have it attached to the rear stay and it is secure...but the swivel mount that attaches to the stay mount is loose and rattles. There is nothing that I can see to tighten. Looking for something similar that doesn't rattle.

Aushiker 02-04-14 08:06 PM

PDW Radbot 1000?


HvPnyrs 02-07-14 02:57 AM

:thumb: +3 for the RB 1000 ( I have 3 of them ). Purchased several years ago on sale for less than $20 each. Never a problem, if bike is moving they are running. I consider the integrated reflector a BIG plus.

Can also recommend the 1 watt version of the venerable Planetbike Superflash (Turbo?), Have 2, with the following caveat, I have personally experienced the "Handy Dandy" "Auto-Eject" feature (GRRRR!!!) that is built into the Superflash line of blinkie lights (ask any females you may know if they can spare a 'hair band'/stretchable fabric covered rubber band, to disable Auto-Eject).
On the plus side, Superflash battery life is better than the RB 1000 (the RB 1K has mode memory built into power circuit, the SF only has a simple 'clickie' power switch and can spend more time w/ the 2 low power leds on, when in flash mode).

Have also been happy w/ a Cygolite Hotshot 2 watt usb blinkie, have been using 1 for over a year.

irishtexmex 02-07-14 12:08 PM

I love the Cygolite Hotshot 2 for 4 things:
  1. It's rechargable via USB. This also means, for the most part, that the light doesn't dim as the battery gets weaker.
  2. It's bright as hell. Brighter than anything else you're going to get with an integrated battery.
  3. It's tiny in comparison to some other lights.
  4. It's a great value, especially considering you never have to pay for more batteries.
That being said, the beam is very directional. Because of that, I have it mounted on my rear rack where it will stay in place and not move around (like it might when clipped on the back of a seat bag). That way I know the beam is always tight & focused directly rearwards. I usually leave it solid, and have a second light, the 5 led PDW one, mounted up higher that flashes.

Looigi 02-07-14 12:35 PM

+1 on the Cygolite HotShot. However, I do have a Cherry Bomb and a number of Princeton Tech Swerve taillights. The Swerve has two 1/2 W LEDs, runs on two AAAs and are perhaps a bit brighter than the Cherry Bomb. The o-ring mounting system is convenient and works well. I'm happy with these for my use and they go for ~$18 on Amazon. They're relatively directional so need to be aimed properly.

fietsbob 02-07-14 01:01 PM

The problem is the rattle not the light? fix the rattle situation ..

add rubber washers or something ..

there are seatposts that integrate a few LED's inside them sticking out thru some holes drilled for the purpose .

fietsbob 02-08-14 12:55 PM

We have some silicon rubber encased ones that strap around round stuff.. {LBS inventory , not mine]

they dont rattle because the elastic band is in tension

walrus1 02-08-14 07:24 PM

Portland Design Works Danger Zone! So much in fact that after my Cateye Omni 5 died I'm very seriously considering buying a second one for my other bike. It's bright enough to be seen faraway during the day but not overpowering at night and the "a-HA!" mode is amazing! The mounting feels very secure and it runs on readily available AA batteries. So far the batts seem to last a good while.

@Aushiker @HvPnyrs How visible is the Radbot during the day? I've read reviews and seen videos that seem to suggest it's not quite powerful enough for daylight.

vol 02-08-14 10:22 PM

Radbot 1000 is not very visible in daytime (but you can use its reflector), it's also too directional for me. It's best when it's on the zzz POP when you are looking directly toward it. The batteries are quite long lasting.

What I like the HotShot the best is its small size---no excuse not to carry the light all the time just in case darkness strikes.

HvPnyrs 02-09-14 05:49 AM


Originally Posted by walrus1 (Post 16479648)
@Aushiker @HvPnyrs How visible is the Radbot during the day? I've read reviews and seen videos that seem to suggest it's not quite powerful enough for daylight.

While I have not compared the RB directly w/ a DZ, I have compared RB w/ half watt Blinkies I do have (Blackburn mars 3.0, Original half watt Superflash).
As well as the 1w SF Turbo and 2w HotShot.
RB and SF-T about equal brightness and sweet spot size.
Both notably brighter than half watt blinkies w/ same size sweet spot. HotShot sweet spot is much (maybe 2x) brighter, but approx. half the size of the RB and SF-T.

My results compare favorably w/ the more sophisticated and extensive results I found in "Review of the Best Bicycle Tail Lights in 2012" dated Mar 5, 2012 by nhinkle (my most humble apologies for the weak linky-foo).
Inputting the Quoted Title into google brought up the proper Bicycles Community Blog webpage.

Daytime performance of these blinkies is CRITICALLY dependent on Battery Condition AND how well the lights are Aimed.
Alkaline "throw-away" batteries with several hrs in flashing mode already on them, while being perfectly fine for night use, will show a noticeable loss of brightness compared to lemony springtime fresh out of the package batteries in a side by side comparison white wall test.
Using high quality Rechargeable NiMh batteries (Eneloops) will markedly reduce this problem, as will a Li-Ion powered light.

Additionally Daytime Use can be very unforgiving of 'casually' or 'improperly' aimed blinkies.
This is of EXTREME importance with the HotShot due to it's Tightly Focused half size sweet spot.
Floppy/Loose mounting on a fabric 'Blinkie' loop on the back of a rack trunk or seat bag just won't work.
Neither will a solid mount on a part of the bike that because of incompatible mechanics and/or angles will not allow the expanding cone of the sweet spot to point right into overtaking traffic.

Aushiker 02-09-14 07:30 PM


Originally Posted by walrus1 (Post 16479648)
@Aushiker @HvPnyrs How visible is the Radbot during the day? I've read reviews and seen videos that seem to suggest it's not quite powerful enough for daylight.

I really don't have an idea of how it performs in daylight as I don't recall coming across a rider using one during the day. The closest I have come is to a rider using one and a Superflash just after sunrise on a cloudy day. The Radbot outperformed the Superflash in these conditions. Sorry cannot be more helpful.


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