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Robert C 02-04-14 07:11 PM

And entering the camera fray is th ecycling heavy weight. . . SHIMANO!
Another action cam. As odd as it seems, the standard mount does not seem optimized for cycling, I may just be looking at it wrong.

It seems to be at the upper end of the action cam price range. Waterproof out of th ebox is good. I also like that it used ant+ I am a bit concerned with a cam that shows GPS speed just because if I were ever to try to use the video as evidence I have to weigh in that the GPS indicated speed, on the camera, may be different than the GPS indicated speed displayed on my handlebars.

While a small difference, say between 24 and 26, is not much, it might make all the difference in the world if I am arguing I was right hooked and the other guy is arguing that I was speeding (the built in bias says that if these is a possible way to pin it on the biker, it will be). I would hope that the ant+ would create a situation where all the displays are showing the same speed.

ItsJustMe 02-04-14 08:07 PM

Looks interesting. Some things it doesn't say in the article:

What's the runtime per charge?
Does it do loop recording?
Does it have single button on/off.
Does it have a replaceable battery?

Ideally it would be at least 90 to 120 minutes per charge so you can record a full day's commute or a decent amount of a weekend outing without recharging.
Ideally, you'll be able to press one button, it will turn on and just start recording, recording over the oldest video on the memory card when the card is full.
I wouldn't even consider a camera without a replaceable battery anymore.

I'm not really fond of cameras without a built in screen either - plenty of cams have them, are inexpensive, have good battery life and are small, so there's no real excuse.

The wireless sensor integration is probably cool for some people.

Robert C 02-04-14 08:20 PM

Looks non removable. . . I suppose that if it has an external power feed (charge while recording) that would be ok; but I agree, not ideal.


[TD]Battery type[/TD]
[TD="class: value"]Li-ion battery 3.7v 950mAh (Non-removable)[/TD]
[TD]Battery charging time[/TD]
[TD="class: value"]Less than 4 hours[/TD]
[TD]Battery life[/TD]
[TD="class: value"]2 hours[/TD]
I see nothing about looping video.

Coffee312 02-04-14 09:41 PM

Has anyone tried the Garmin VIRB? Seems like it could be cool to have all the usual Garmin stuff + the camera.

Athens80 02-05-14 09:10 AM

Sealing in the battery is probably part of the waterproofing.

ScuzUK 07-11-14 03:46 PM

Has any one seen any night footage yet?

rumrunn6 10-13-14 10:10 AM

good that it doesn't require a sep housing

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