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CoachManny 02-06-14 02:03 PM

Bluetooth headset when riding
I am using a Motorola H500 headpiece. I haven't used it on a ride yet as I just started using it today.

Anyone have any experience riding and talking with a head piece where both parties hear each other clearly without echo?

My first phone call on this my buddy said there was a slight echo. Not bad but a bit of an echo.


TrojanHorse 02-06-14 04:58 PM

I have a cardo BK-1 (so I can use the intercom feature with my son when we ride together) but it's also a damn nice blue tooth head set with some outstanding wind reduction going on in the mic. No echo, quite clear and I use it while riding. I can also stream music to it, get google navigation going to it, you name it.

I don't believe most blue tooth head sets will give you echo problems, perhaps it was just your connection that one time. You may find that head set difficult to use while riding, I don't know how secure it is, and I don't know if it will be loud enough to hear over the wind noise or if the wind noise will be offensive to your caller. Give it a shot and see.

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