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jowilson 02-16-14 01:54 PM

How to set mileage on Cateye Enduro 2
I recently switched computers going from a Bontrager Trip 1 to a Cateye Enduro 2, in an effort to clean up the dashboard. I had nearly 2500 miles logged on the Trip 1 and I'd like to enter that into te Cateye but I haven't been able to find what button combo allows you to set that. Does anyone know how to set the mileage on a Cateye Enduro 2?


fietsbob 02-16-14 04:32 PM

RTFM .. search for a replacement manual PDF via cat eye website. (I did this for an antique Ciclomaster)

ItsJustMe 02-17-14 11:47 AM

I recently returned a Cateye computer because for that model at least there isn't any way to set the odometer. I read the manual carefully, the LBS guy did too, and I searched online and found many people saying it couldn't be done.

However, for the Enduro 2 it looks pretty straightforward:

It's about halfway down the last page. It's a little convoluted and it's not clear to me if you can set the 5th digit of mileage.

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