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B.L. Jinks 03-09-14 06:34 PM

Sigma "Data Center 3" software and docking station.
I am not clear on what the "Data Center 3" software does. Can someone clarify details for me? I've read about what it does, but don't understand of it will do want I'm looking for.

I have Sigma BC 8.12 and the data that I am most interested in is elapsed time and when it occurs (in graph form). speed in a real-time timeline, and average speed. With what I have, dropping the bottom-line numbers for elapsed time and average speed into an Excel spreadsheet is easy enough.

What I am looking for is a graphing solution. This computer is being used to monitor the activity of an African hedgehog on an 18" diameter wheel. I am interested in a computer / software combination that can record and download data in chronological graphs, i.e., at exactly what times each night does she get on and off the wheel? And a chronological graph (timeline) of actual speed during the runs during the night (showing 'real time' fluctuations).

Does such a computer / software solution exist?

NOTE: I recently replaced her Sigma BC 1009 because it couldn't handle calculating the low average speed with the new and larger 18" diameter treadwheel ( about 1.6 mph - 1.8 mph). The data was waaay off. It worked out okay because the time and distance data were correct and I could calculate the average speed from that.

Another solution was to multiply the wheel size 2.5X (the maximum possible) and convert the results. The BC 1009 average speed function worked perfectly with this solution, but obviously the first solution is much simpler.

I took a chance on upgrading to the newer model of the same computer, the BC 8.12 and it calculates these very low average speeds perfectly.

The ability to store or transmit real-time data that can be presented in chronological graphs would be nice upgrade for the data we are keeping on this animal.

Sophie says thanks for the help:

wphamilton 03-09-14 06:42 PM

I can't help much because I've had the same question for a long time, and I have refrained from purchasing a Sigma and docking station for lack of specifics. I've seen some screen shots and brief descriptions. Evidently the software provides some metrics and limited analysis and the data files are a proprietary format which cannot be exported. This may have changed in the couple of years since I've looked into it.

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