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Myosmith 03-20-14 07:43 AM

Android app for turn by turn navigation
I have a Samsung Galaxy III and am looking for an android app for turn by turn navigation that would also allow me to import GPX files. I know there are several out there, but which ones do experienced riders recommend? I'm looking for something user friendly for day/weekend touring and charity rides. Our local Tour de Cure is now offering GPX downloads as an alternative to paper navigation (I'll take both).

mwandaw 03-21-14 08:34 AM

I have used two apps with good results. Both are closely tied into the RideWithGPS website (which is good!). I think that you can import a GPX file into the RideWithGPS website, and I also think you can import a GPX file into either app.

CueSheet is my favorite, because it warns you two or three times before you get to a turn. It's also simpler than the RideWithGPS app.

The RideWithGPS app has the ability to share and upload rides. It's the more sophisticated of the two apps. Turn-by-turn directions require you to be a customer of RideWithGPS, with a monthly or annual charge.

In either case, you can couple a Samsung Galaxy SIII with the Schwinn CycleNav for loud, clear directions and a visual indicator. I just bought one at my local Walmart for $50. Unfortunately, the CycleNav will not work with my phone, but my first impressions are HERE. Later this year the Hammerhead will compete with the CycleNav.

Both apps will use about 15% of your battery per hour, so a spare battery or an external battery that plugs into the USB port on your phone may be needed on longer rides.

cplager 03-21-14 09:33 AM

There is this:

just listed on the front page alone.

MarmiteSandwich 04-02-14 04:14 PM

I added some experiences here:-
In addition, I could say I found locus very un-intuitive, although it clearly has a lot of options.
I only considered apps with spoken turn instructions.

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