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Tacbob 03-24-14 10:08 AM

Vetta Professional Trainer
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My wife's having a knee replaced so we want to get her an indoor trainer for her Trek Navigator 2.0 comfort bike.
We're looking at a used Vetta Professional that appears very stable and might save some room in length since the front tire is removed to clamp on.
Open to opinions, thoughts and experiences.

Looigi 03-24-14 11:16 AM

Looks a bit weird to me, and different from any other trainers in that it appears to support the bike under the BB. Lateral loads are taken by the fork. The Trek Nav 2.0 has a suspension fork. If it compresses so that the bike pivots forward on the BB, the rear wheel will lift off the roller and slip. Also, I'd be concerned about the suspension fork taking all the lateral loads. There are "normal" trainers that support the bike by the rear skewer and also have support for the fork such that the front wheel is removed, if that's a requirement due to space constraints. Here's an example:

Also, fans can be quite noisy. Fluid or mag trainers are much quieter.

Tacbob 03-24-14 03:09 PM

Looigi, that's excellent info and makes a ton of sense.
Appreciate your time in responding.

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