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therh 03-24-14 06:01 PM

I'm going to buy a Garmin 200? ( I think)

I am looking to buy a Garmin 200, and want to know thoughts and opinions on in.

I like the idea if a GPS based bike computer, and and have a budget of $150 max. All thoughts and opinions welcome.


Piratebike 03-24-14 07:29 PM

I have two. One for my touring bike and one for my road bike. Really like them. Simple to use and no problems.

therh 03-24-14 08:19 PM

Have you used them with Garmin Connect?

Drew Eckhardt 03-24-14 08:46 PM


Originally Posted by therh (Post 16607758)

I am looking to buy a Garmin 200, and want to know thoughts and opinions on in.

It does not record heart rate or power and is therefore nearly useless for any sort of structured training.

I spent $150 for my brand new Edge 500. Before buying an Edge 200 I'd shop around for a deal on a new 500 or buy a used 500.

jimblairo 03-24-14 08:50 PM

I have 3 bikes and each has a mount and I move the Garmin from bike to bike with no setting required. I think its great.

Looigi 03-25-14 06:35 AM

+1 on the 500 vs 200.

Piratebike 03-25-14 06:16 PM

Yes I have used them with Garmin Connect.

redtires 03-25-14 08:29 PM

I like mine so much, I'm going to upgrade to a 500 here pretty soon!! They really are not only highly functional, but it really is fun and useful to be able to see your ride data after an upload. I upload mine to both Strava and Garmin Connect.

noglider 03-26-14 11:57 AM

I never saw the point in these, but I recently got a slightly-used 200, and I like it. I only need one since I don't have to wire it onto a bike.

Mine has a problem that I've been meaning to fix. It can't latch onto satellites for about 30 minutes after I turn it on. I hope a firmware update fixes it.

Other than that, I think it's pretty nice. I like uploading my routes to the web site for fun.

Now I don't have to buy and wire a computer to each of my too-many bikes.

1nterceptor 03-26-14 12:13 PM

I've been riding for over 6 years. Been commuting 17 miles one way,
have done 100 mile charity rides and have gone on long club rides -
one of them up Bear Mt. All of these without using a bike computer.
But last year; the club I joined(NYCC) asked that every rider have one
for the rotating pace line leads. I got the 200 and have been happy
with it. Comes with 2 mounts. A full charge is good for a couple of rides.

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