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Multcomedic 03-25-14 11:48 AM

Mount a headlight to a cantilever brake boss?
I'm looking into adding a dynamo soon and have been looking at a compatible headlight for the new setup. My fork has a threaded hole in the yoke in the back (fender is attached to it now) but none in the front. I'm also switching out the brakes from the cantilever brakes and will have the exposed bosses left on the forks. Can a headlight be directly bolted to one of the empty bosses? I've been looking at the supernova e3 pro 2 and I'm hoping the mount that comes with it will bolt right up with probably a different size bolt.

zacster 03-25-14 03:27 PM

Physically you could, but you may end up with shadows from the wheel, plus some lights are meant to be mounted higher up. This impacts the area covered by the beam.

fietsbob 03-25-14 04:28 PM

packaged as a Pair Problem Solvers then you use handlebar wraparound mounts.

Lex Fati 03-25-14 09:53 PM

Hmm. The Supernova lights have different mounts than other light manufacturers. Not sure I'd want to try that Supernova fork crown mount on a canti brake boss. I was experimenting with mounting a B & M light on a brake boss earlier this year due to a similar fork crown situation (carbon fork with no front hole). I wasn't comfortable with the clearance between the tire and the light and opted for a handlebar mount instead. I'm glad I did. I have much more control over how the light beam illuminates the road. I see that, at least currently, Peter White does list handlebar mounts for Supernova.

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