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Tandem Tom 03-26-14 03:19 PM

Garmin 800 and Cadence Sensor??
I seem to be having a problem getting the cadence sensor to work with my 800. I installed a new battery and the sensor blinks read/green but it the 800 does not seem to come up with the re-scan screen.
Anyone familiar with this ?

Altbrewer 03-27-14 07:25 AM

Do you have the 800 screen on the bike profile and then press the power button on the 800 after pressing the button on the sensor to bring up the red/green lights? (It's been a while since I paired a device, but I think this is how I did it on my 810)

cafzali 03-27-14 08:57 AM

I've actually never had to replace the battery on my sensor, but I have on my HRM and I had to rescan for it every time. Once I did that, it was picked up by the head unit and worked flawlessly.

Tandem Tom 03-27-14 01:08 PM

I did everything that Garmin said to do to pair it up. Even installed a fresh battery but it did not work. This AM I decided to give it another try and BINGO! It worked! Not sure why but had my wife take it out and it is go to go.

mrtibbs_here 03-28-14 03:36 AM

I have some memory that you had to wait some short period of time (like a minute or a few minutes) before installing the new battery. That is, you'd remove the old battery from the sensor and then wait a short period before installing the fresh one.

I know that this was the case with one of my little gizmo's and I think it was the Garmin 800 (?)

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