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Rvav8r 03-31-14 09:39 PM

Garmin road rash
I crashed today and my Garmin Edge 705 suffered some serious road rash. The unit still works but I sure like to be able to replace the case and screen.

Does anyone know if Garmin offers that service?

Beware of speed bumps.

znomit 04-01-14 12:13 AM

Contact them. They are pretty good about customer support.

Looigi 04-01-14 12:08 PM

Yes. They don't repair and return units. They'll take your unit and send you a refurbished unit in its place for $115. Turn around is pretty quick. Usually a few day plus shipping time both ways. I've had two refurb units to date and as far as I can tell their as good as brand new.

dougmc 04-01-14 03:54 PM

I sent in my 705 recently myself.

The mount failed, and it went skidding down the concrete. It had done this before, but this time the screen cracked and at first it was still usable, but after a week or two more of the screen stopped working and it wasn't usable.

$110 + tax I think, and I basically got a brand new Edge 705 back. The battery in my old one only lasted like 3-4 hours before charges due to being several years old, but the new one had a new battery, so that was good.

I considered trying to fix it myself, but couldn't find a screen for less than $55 and that was from a shady site in Russia. The battery I could find a replacement for and it's fairly easy to install, but since they were fixing the screen anyways (by replacing the entire unit) that was taken care of too.

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