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LuckySailor 04-02-14 07:21 PM

Koala Bottles added to my new ride
Just a quick little thumbs up for a new water bottle system that I have been using for the last couple weeks on my new 520 touring bike. These babies have a magnetic ring that holds them in place while you ride. Now, I haven't taken 'em on a trail yet because we still have 2' of snow on the ground-BUT we have tons of potholes and uneven railroad tracks that I've gone over, and I must inform that I am impressed! Not once did either of my bottles pop out of its cage. It was so nice to not have to look down while I was riding to put the bottle back in the cage-just get it close and "click" it's in! To be fair and upfront and to leave no loose ends- I do not work for this company, nor were they comped to me for a great review. I am just a regular joe that appreciate cool stuff.....and this is. Check them out at KOALA BOTTLE | The Magnetic Bottle Then try 'em out for yourself.

Looigi 04-03-14 07:49 AM

Coolness is subjective. There was another magnetic bottle around, and may still be: Vincero Design Edge 16 mount & Stratus bottle review - BikeRadar

IMO, a solution to a non-existent problem. Try Arundel sport cages or Elite custom race cages for excellent bottle retention and easy use. Very light, inexpensive, and they take just about any bike bottle.

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