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smokeysurvival 04-05-14 09:55 PM

Busch & Muller Lumotec
Anybody have any experience with this headlight?

Busch & Müller Lumotec 2 Plus Headlight - Harris Cyclery bicycle shop - West Newton, Massachusetts

I currently have a generic 2 bulb headlight that came with my Gazelle, powered by a bottle dynamo. This was fine until I added a Busch and Muller Toplight BrakeTec rear light. As well as not having a stand light function, the extra draw seems to make me have to go a bit faster to obtain full brightness from the headlamp. This presents issues while on hills or with wind (which is prevalent in the open areas near me), so I feel I should get something better while on a budget. I would go LED but I dislike the white colored light they emit against certain surfaces, as well as cost compared to how much night riding I do, which isn't much especially with the days getting longer. I'm hoping this light will bring the full brightness speed down, but I'm not sure if 17LUX is a decent brightness? I mainly ride on suburban roads with overhead street lighting, sometimes next to forested areas, and occasionally city riding. Any opinions?

znomit 04-06-14 12:24 AM

Honestly the LED lights are wider, brighter, more reliable and more efficient. Source from bike24 or rosebikes in europe, not much more expensive (if not cheaper). The extra brightness and beam size make up for the colour rendition.

Sixty Fiver 04-06-14 12:28 AM

LED lights have improved, B&M lights are good value for the money and with LED bulb life is nearly infinite.

zacster 04-06-14 01:45 AM

Definitely go with an LED version, and get a 2013/2014 model. They've come a long way in the last few years.

fietsbob 04-06-14 11:48 AM

B&M Lyt N is pretty low cost ..

I have used Halogen bulbs in DIY battery pack lights and they work OK .. but with a dynamo you need the total load=to the dynamo output
So headlight only it needs a 3w bulb ... add a wired taillight, 0.6w and the headlight is 2.4w.

a battery will have the draw determine the need , and I got away with a cheap halogen flashlight bulb
rated higher wattage than I was supplying . 5 1,2v D cells in series .

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