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howellhandmade 07-13-14 07:43 PM

Computer for Stages PM
I've been searching but haven't found a site or thread that directly addresses this.

I plan to buy a Stages power meter. I'll need a more advanced computer than my Rox 5.0 to serve as head unit. I would like reasonably small size and light weight, as well as low cost. The ability to download ride data into something like Golden Cheetah is required. I don't need maps; if I'm lost I'll use my phone, and normal computer numbers are the most I can see at that range without reading glasses.

From what I have read, a Garmin Edge 500 seems like a good choice. Has anyone else gone through this selection process and so can address things I may not have considered?

gl98115 07-14-14 02:38 PM

The Garmin Edge 500 is a good choice.

Looigi 07-15-14 08:37 AM

+1 on the 500.

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