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BIKEPOW 07-21-14 04:35 PM

Modified reelight rl770 lights !!!
Hello mates ! I am new to this bike forums and I am deaf so easy english for me if you want any Q, thanks :thumb:

Few years ago I had top of the range dynamo bottle lights , not happy with it due to slowing down the bike so I try Reelight RL770 ,

Wow pretty good but not the reelight dynamo with rubber and 2 ring clipps, not strong anuff ,

So lucky I am a toolmaker and I made plate to screw on the bike, lucky I got no dics brakes on my bike,

So see pictures, works like a dream !! :D

jdstoledo 07-21-14 07:07 PM

i just installed my rl770 on my Dahon folder. It turned out pretty well - front light flickers a bit and I'm not sure why, but it's a clean install and looks pretty nice.

BIKEPOW 07-22-14 01:37 PM

Yes mine is the same flickers a bit on the front, but very happy with it , no thinking about the batteries ! and the lights is brighter anuff,

When I 1st install just try front light alone , I remember no flickers ! Any way I like both flashing or solid.

Thumbs up to reelights. :thumb:

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