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shakozzz 07-21-14 05:47 PM

Bottle dynamo wiring
Hey guys
Im having trouble wiring up my dynamo with my front and back lights. Ive tried everything I could think of.
Here's what im working with: / gallery - IMG 1526, IMG 1527, IMG 1528

Im going crazy here, and help would be appreciated :D

unterhausen 07-21-14 07:08 PM

really hard to tell what is going on there. I would leave the tail light out of the mix for now, can you get the front light to light up? Does it have two wires?

randomgear 07-22-14 12:37 AM

Like Unterhausen says, take the tail light out of the picture for starters.
Make sure that the wires are connected to the same ends on each side of the connection: that the power wire is connected to the power connections on the dynamo and headlight; and the ground wire is also connected to the ground connections on the dynamo and headlight.
Once you have the headlight working then start on the taillight.
Yes, it can get a little confusing; good luck.

shakozzz 07-22-14 09:06 AM

Well the dynamo has a positive terminal and a ground. Both the head and tail lights are really basic so no terminals there just a wire attached to the bulb. I attached a wire from the positive to the headlight and another from the ground to the frame but still nothing. Any ideas?

shakozzz 07-22-14 09:19 AM

Nope never you mind it worked :D thanx guys

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