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essska 10-22-13 05:59 AM

Searching for trip joiners through Europe
Hello bike lovers,

I'm planning 2 bike trips for the next year summer. Both has near 1000 km and both through 4 or more countries and both start in Poland because Iím polish. I would spend for it 2 weeks.

So let me give u a short intro of myself. My name is Agnieszka (I know itís hard to say so itís the same as English Agnes or just short way Aga) Iím 27 y o female. Now Iím living in Leicester in UK. I like cycling a lot I do it every day I would like to tie my future with bikes and everything is common. I like to move, I like sports and travel and I would like to do it both, thatís why I want to go on bike trip but I can't do it on my own because it's too dangerous especially for a girl.

I would like to find 1 or 2 people (girls or boys - doesnít matter) who would like to go on that trip with me.

First 1000 km trip from Poland (Wroclaw) through Czech Republic -> Austria -> Slovakia and back to Poland (Krakow).

Second 1000 km trip also starts in Poland (Braniewo) through Russia (Kaliningrad) -> Lithuania -> Latvia -> Estonia -> Finland (Helsinki)

I would like to see main cities in that countries but if u have ideas for something u want to see Iím open. Anyway when I find my team we should discuss every detail of the trip. This is also my first trip like that so if u have some advises and bewares, please write it too, that will be helpful for sure.

And I would like to say that I speak in three languages Polish my main, English and Russian so it would be helpful on the road.

anniam 01-06-14 04:33 AM

Just checking.. did you get your fellowship for the trip together?
That Helsinki trip sounds really tempting.
I'm about getting into long distance touring myself so
give a shout if this here isn't dead already.


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