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DamjanArsovski 09-03-06 11:56 PM

Looking for sponsor?
Delco Angelov is looking for sponsor.

Delco Angelov
Marathon cyclist

Delco Angelov is an marathon cyclist born in Sveti Nikole, Macedonia on December 7, 1952. After having problems with his body weight, around 100 kilograms (220.459 pounds), he in 1998, has decided to start cycling, because where he lives and works now, in Tafers, Switzerland, that is really famous sport.

After cycling for a few years and training really hard, he has managed from cycling at the start only 3 km(1.86 miles) a day, to cycle his first marathon in 2000, from Tafers, CH to Sveti Nikole, Macedonia. The route of the marathon was 2,140 km which Delco Angelov has cycled in only 7 days. After that marathon Delco has cycled that marathon every year, with exception in 2004 when he has done "Delco Angelov's Tour'd Europe 2004", he has named the marathon that he does each year from Tafers to Sveti Nikole, "die Tour zum Haus", you can check his routes on Delco Angelov official web page: .

Delco on his 54 years has done this incredible marathon, cycling 10.095 km around Europe in only 37 days. Now, August, 2006, Delco Angelov is preparing on the Alps for the next marathon he is planning to cycle, "Delco Angelov's Tour'd Europe 2007" in which he is expected to cycle 16.102 km in only 59 days around 28 countries in Europe. This marathon should take place in Spring 2007.

Delco Angelov, is also an honored member of many cycling clubs in Macedonia because of his donations of bikes to them. He also has his own campaign in which he is giving bikes to the kids to keep them off the streets.

Visit for more information.

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