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veloiseau 02-12-08 05:03 AM

Bike Shops in Paris

I just moved to Paris from New York this January, and I finally got a nice little city bike, yay! However, it needs a teency bit of work and I have no idea about good bike shops 'round these parts (and sadly I had to leave most of my tools in the states, so I can't fix it myself, argh!)... I've of course done the whole google thing, but I would really like to have some references from y'all--it makes a big difference when you love the peeps at your local shop. :D

claire 02-12-08 05:06 AM

Hi and welcome in Paris!
Which arrondissement do you live in?
My 2 favorite shops are:
- les petits velos de Maurice on bd Voltaire in the 12th. The guys are great, they really take the time to help
- Bicloune somewhere in the 11th I think. They specialize in fixies...
Good luck, and if you need any informations on cycling in/around Paris, don't hesitate to ask me!

tadaoo 03-01-08 06:22 PM

hi vel'

i used to live in ny but never biked there... hope you'll enjoy paris en velo...

my recommendation is

les velos parisiens

3 rue de l'Abbé Grégoire
75006 Paris

Tél.: 01 45 44 72 97
workfaxFax: 01 45 44 72 97

they are very friendly and helpful, and also cannondale agent in paris (so is bicloune, mentioned above i believe); got my badboy from them 3 month ago...

for admiring mythical french steel frames bikes, you might want to visit Cycles Alex Singer

53, rue Victor Hugo
Levallois Perret (92)
01 47 37 42 14

as per the commuting community, you can log on for bike forums stuff in french... will see you there!

ride on!


tulip 04-02-08 08:42 AM

I'll be sure to check some of these shops out when I'm in Paris in May. I haven't been to Paris in a few years, but it seems like they are really taking bikes a bit more seriously in town than they did when I lived there, what with the Velib and all. I look forward to riding in, around, and out of the city. I hear the Canal d'Ourcq is a nice ride out.

architerp 01-06-12 11:18 AM

Looking for the name of a shop in Paris along the Avenue de la Grande Armee
I found this information on another forum and wondered if anybody knew the names of these shops...

"bike shops in Paris, all very good by North American standards. Two of them are within a couple of blocks of each other, a few minutes walk past the Arc De Triomphe, along the Avenue de la Grande Armee. The one shop had a Colnago DaVinci bike hanging in the window. Another, shop, rather small, but fully stocked with Tour de France goodies, as well as a nice selection of Pinarello frames, is in the Opera/Montmartre section."

brianogilvie 01-20-12 09:23 AM


Originally Posted by architerp (Post 13684568)
I found this information on another forum and wondered if anybody knew the names of these shops...

Vélo et Oxygène has a shop at 72, avenue de la Grande Armée.

Veloiseau: Thanks for starting the thread! I've been here since September but I haven't yet found a shop to work on my bike (haven't needed it, but it's getting to be time for a tuneup).

BTW, les Petits Vélos de Maurice is in the 11th, not the 12th (the Bd Voltaire bisects the 11th from République to Nation).

sparklebot 02-18-13 01:18 AM

I will be in Paris for the TDF-do you have recommendations on bike museums or collections? Where can I see the stuff of legends, vintage bikes... I know there is one in Belgium, but I would like to study the French bikes.

dhbemis 03-01-13 10:02 AM

I needed to buy a chainring (un plateau des 39 dents) in Paris and got a recommendation for Cycles Laurent, 9 Blvd Voltaire in the 11th. It was a pretty normal seeming place... lots of old jerseys and racing stuff on display including a derny motorcycle.
Much harder to suss out is where to go for training rides... settled on the Hippodrome de Longchamps.

georges1 03-29-13 08:39 AM

I should mention the Bicloune shop which has some very nice second hand and vintage bikes

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