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Debusama 11-05-11 11:41 AM

cyclocross racing in Amsterdam
Hello, I'm going to be in Amsterdam next week. I'd love to check out a cross race, or maybe even participate if I can find somewhere to rent a cross bike. I know the cross season is in full swing and there races every weekend in my area. I suspect there are even more races available in Amsterdam. Does anyone know for races happening in the area between the 7th and 14th?

ijsbrand 11-05-11 11:57 AM

According to the KNWU calender [refine on 'veldrijden'] there are just three cyclo crosses organized in that period. None near Amsterdam, and one strictly for junior cyclists.

It's far more a Flemish thing than a Dutch.

ijsbrand 11-05-11 12:14 PM

The Belgians organize nine crosses, on the 11th and the 13th, according to their calendar [pdf].

Debusama 11-05-11 02:38 PM

Great info, thank you.

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