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badger_biker 02-27-12 12:41 PM

Bike rental in Lelystad Netherlands
Sorry for the mispell but I can't change it - should be rental in the subject!

I will be in Lelystad for a couple days on an upcoming European tour and was hoping for some information regarding a place to rent bikes and short tour suggestions. I'm an avid cyclist buy my wife is not so we will probably be limiting any tour to 20 K or so.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

paulkal 02-28-12 04:37 AM

It is possible to rent bicycles at the railway station in Lelystad.

fietslogies 03-23-12 01:44 PM

Lelystad presents a few useful links:

Hoofdroutenetwerk fietspaden Lelystad ( pdf, 1433kb )
Hoofdroutenetwerk fietspaden Flevoland ( pdf, 3687kb )
Hoofdfietsnetwerk - Programma van Eisen ( pdf, 3072kb )

In the city hall, you can buy a booklet with 10 maps for only 3,95 euro. The tours vary from 15 to 70 km.

badger_biker 04-18-12 11:39 AM

Thanks to all for the information. Very helpful.

cyclephant 12-08-12 02:30 PM

Thank you for this information as well! I am planning a trip to Netherlands for a bike tour for about 2 months. Is there a good place in Amsterdam for bike rentals or would it be better to purchase?? - Ava

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