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coloradobikers3 03-22-12 05:06 PM

Help biking into the Port of Venice for young family!
We are a couple with a young son planning a bike tour from Paris to Rome in a very round-about way. We have an extra week or so in Northern Italy and my husband has the idea to take a ferry to Slovenia and bike the coast to Croatia and back for a few days. Is anyone familiar with the Port in Venice? Can we get to it by bike from the west? I googled it, but it doesn't look super cycle-friendly. Any suggestions on whether or not this idea would work?
If not, any other suggestions in the area? We are riding from Lake Como to Verona and then we basically ended up with 8 days to get from Verona to Bologna (80 miles) so we need to kill some time in that area. Thanks!

dorkypants 03-22-12 06:26 PM

If by "Port of Venice" you mean Mestre, it's a busy industrial city with little to recommend it for much of anything, especially biking. There are bike paths and bike-friendly back roads along the Riviera del Brenta (along the Brenta river). It goes past many villas built during the Renaissance. People pay for boat tours to go by these villas. You could finish up in Fusina, which has ferry service to Venice and the Lido islands.

There's good riding around Bassano del Grappa, NE of Verona, though perhaps too much out of your way.

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