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I_pedal 06-20-12 05:42 PM

Help with Belgium ___________
Fiancee and I heading to Belgium next week for a bike ride. Thinking about Bruge based rides? This is rent-a-fat tire 5 day deal (not packing our road bikes). We have biked the Danau and loved it.
Any suggestions on routes, where to stay, whether to stay put and ride from hotel in Bruge or ride town to town?
Appreciate any ideas.

fietslogies 06-30-12 11:39 AM

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Ghent would have been a far better choice with more variety in the loops you can cycle. From entirely flat to a little bit hilly.

South of Ghent, along the Scheldt: (30 km) (32 km) (30 km)
Combining two (or three) of them with a one night stay in Oudenaarde is a good idea.

or along the Leie: (55 km)

or along the Lieve: (40 km)

Gent-Astene: (42 km)

A little bit hilly: (47 km) and (48 km)

Ledebeekroute: (46 km)

The castles east of Ghent:

The canals between Ghent and Bruges: (45 and 55 km)

Azalea Loop, Lochristi: (34 km)

Begonia Loop, Wetteren: (27 km)

Tree Nursery Loop, Wetteren: (44 km)

Emile Claus Tour: (70 km)

Not impressed? ;-)

Digital bicycle maps for Bruges are rather rare!

Groene Gordel: (58 km)

Donk, east of Bruges: (50 km)

Beverhoutsroute: (38 km)

About where to stay? 'Vrienden op de Fiets' of course!

sparklebot 02-18-13 01:13 AM

Do you have any advice on Beer brewery touring? We will be traveling there in July.

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